1-to-1 Training

Our 1-to-1 training options are the most popular choice for our clients.  Individually tailored training programmes to your specific circumstances, with sessions worked around your schedule.

Whether you are looking for puppy training, behaviour modification for an older or rescue dog, aggression control or reactivity training we will be able to help using a variety of force-free, positive yet balanced proven methods, coaching you to get the best from your dog.

Why train your dog?

Training your dog doesn't just mean he doesn't pee on the carpet!

Training with Muddy Foote Dog Training means that the whole family are supported and coached to be on the same page, doing the same things, using the same words and hand signals, and therefore giving your dog the structure and routine he needs to live alongside you.

We believe that by instilling positive discipline methods, whatever the age of your dog, you are not being mean, or losing the love of your pet by sometimes showing displeasure, or saying 'No'.  As with a child, if they are misbehaving, you would provide the appropriate discipline to stop the offending behaviour, and you are doing the same thing here.  If, on the other hand, you allow your dog's behaviour to get out of control without acting, you will soon have escalating problems that affect you and your family's lifestyle, restricting where you can take your dog, and what activities you can do with them happily.

Please remember that whatever the size or breed of your dog, they all have teeth at one end, an intelligent brain, hormones and emotions, and being a dog, won't hesitate to act on them.

With our 1-to-1 programmes, we are here to coach you to train your dog.  We cannot do it for you!  Your dog must have your trust, and trust you, and have respect for the commands you are giving.  If you don't follow the training, or put in the work, you won't see the rewards which is where we want you to be at the end of your time with us, with a happy, structured, loving dog that the whole family can enjoy spending time with.

Below you will find details of all of our 1-to-1 training options.  Please take a look through, and give us a call for further information


Our Initial Consultation is completed before any training commences.  This allows us to meet you and your dog to obtain all the background knowledge we require to get the best from your training with us, and put together your individual programme.  It usually takes around 1 hour at your home.

1 hour


Puppy Training Package

Our Puppy Training Package comprises of 4 x 1 hourly sessions.  Training will include all the basic commands, on and off lead walking, recall, tips on toilet training and chewing/biting, name recognition, communication, structured play, and covers any individual issues you may be having.

4 x 1 hour sessions


Back to Basics Package

As your dog gets older he will start to push your boundaries!  With our 4 x 1 hourly Back to Basics Package we will return to basic training, covering all areas you may be struggling with and any new behaviours he may be displaying such as showing dominance as he matures.  Teaching you how to manage your older companion, this is suitable for dogs from 8 months onwards.

4 x 1 hour sessions


Recall & Lead Walking Package

Lots of people struggle with walking their dogs on and off lead, and teaching their dog to come back when called!

With 3 x 1 hourly sessions walking at your local park/woods, you will learn all you need to know to get your dog walking by your side and returning upon command.

3 x 1 hour sessions


Rescue Dog Package

Rescued and re-homed dogs often make fantastic pets wherever they are from.  However they often require much more love, trust-building and usually more training than a dog you may have had from puppy.

We have put together a specific  6 x 1 hourly training package based around our experience with rescued/re-homed dogs that work on your new best friend building their trust in you, alongside encouraging them to lose their old behaviour patterns, and learn new ones.

6 x 1 hour sessions


Individual Sessions

Should you just have a small issue, or we need to add a session to your current package, these are available at any time.

Individual 1 hour session


Included with all training

Included within all our training packages and individual sessions are our training sheets which have been tailored around your Consultation with us, and your dog's progress.  

It is important that you practise what you have learned - sometimes it takes a while for your dog to get the hang of things, but with time and patience, they will make you proud!

If you struggle with anything you have learned, you have our full email and telephone support at any time, during training and for the lifetime you spend with your dog.