Residential Board & Train Programmes

For some people, or some dogs, home training is just not suitable.  For a variety of reasons we are approached for residential training, and we are happy to offer several options.  With all choices of training your dog will receive the following:

24/7 home-from-home boarding


All basic commands

Recall and Distraction training

Daily progress report

Handover personalised training programme

3 x 1 hour coaching sessions for you to maintain training once your dog is home

Option A:

Little Paws

Our Little Paws package is designed for puppies between 12-20 weeks and give them all their basic training needs so that they are fully prepared to face the outside world and their life with you.


 3 weeks


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Option B:

Bigger Paws

Our Bigger Paws package is designed for dogs 6 months and older who need behaviour modification training.

This is a longer and more difficult process and is suitable for untrained older dogs and rescued dogs.


4-6 weeks

from £1700

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Option C:

Problem Paws

Problem Paws is for dogs with much deeper issues such as reactive dogs and aggressive dogs.

These are very difficult issues to resolve and require time and patience.


Minimum 6 weeks

from £2500

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Option D:

Podgy Paws

Podgy Paws is for our larger furry friends!

Podgy Paws puts in place good eating and exercise habits for your dog.  Working alongside your veterinarian to get the best care for your dog, we ensure that exercise levels are carefully monitored and raised so that your dog can lose his extra pounds, whilst in a healthy snack free environment.


Minimum 6 weeks

from £2000

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All of our intensive training options are very specific to you and your dog's requirements and are not designed to be a 'quick fix'.  They are designed to put the right training in place in a concentrated environment - quite simply, we have the experience and time to give your dog hundreds of repetitions with proven training methods to get the best out of them.

Included within all of our intensive board and train programmes is a unique 'home plan' so that you can maintain training when you have your companion back home.  It is important that you stick closely to the training put in place so that old habits don't return.

Why is it so expensive?

From the day your dog arrives with us, our time is concentrated on your dog for the duration of their stay.  They are with us 24/7 for training, walks, play, food and sleep and this all helps to form a well rounded dog in a home-from-home environment whilst they learn all the skills they need. We provide for all of their needs including our own hand-made food (or as specified by you), treats and freshly laundered bedding in a clean, well maintained environment for the duration of their stay.

Do we offer a guarantee?  

This is a question we are often asked, and the answer is no!  There are no guarantees where dog training is concerned, and anyone who tells you otherwise is giving you the wrong impression.  We do however have our reputation to maintain, and we can assure you that we do want your dog to achieve his full potential and it is in all of our interests to give you the the best friend you can ask for!

Give us a call to discuss exactly what you need - we will always give you honest answers to your questions, and a fair price for our work.