for 1 hour group walks:

1 Dog                                             £12

2 Dogs (same household)        £20

3 Dogs (same household)       £30

1 hour solo walks:

Reactive dog, puppy or senior  £15

1 hour solo walk with training:


Weekend rates:  

Saturday & Sunday increase by £5 per hour

We specialise in large and Bull breeds so just give us a call if you have a bigger dog!

Dog Walking Services

Dog walking is a big part of our day and we love seeing all of our dogs getting so much pleasure out of it!

If you don't have time to give your dog the exercise he or she needs every day, then we are here to help!  There are lots of advantages for having your dog walked including:

- Health and fitness

- Weight management

- Relief of separation anxiety, boredom and loneliness

- Reduction of hyperactivity

- Can help to stop destructive behaviour indoors

We love to see the dogs having fun and playing with their regular friends.  We choose our walking areas carefully so that they are suitable for the requirements of the dogs we are walking, away from busy roads and not too messy!

Our service includes the following:

- We always hold a free consultation with you before taking your dog on a walk.  This is 

   to ensure that we have all the information we need to meet your dog's requirements.

- Group walks are for no more than 6 dogs per walk

- Dogs travel in our own designed van, in a comfortable crate with their own cushion!

- Dogs have our telephone contact details attached to their collar/harness on each walk

- Some of our walking locations are:  Stoke Park Woods, Eastleigh

                                                                      Pavillion in the Park, Eastleigh

                                                                      Itchen Valley Country Park, West End

                                                                      Telegraph Woods, West End

                                                                      Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley

- We walk dogs on the lead until we are sure they will return, and are happy to be with 


- If you are leaving us a key, they are kept in a safe, locked box and a waiver must 

   be signed

- Dog's are provided with clean water at the end of the walk, and upon return home are 

   washed off/towel dried as appropriate.

- Fully First Aid trained and qualified, equipping us to manage any situation confidently 

   and safely.

Should you have any further questions about our dog walking services, please do not hesitate to give us a call and ask!