Doggy Daycare & Boarding Services

What do you do with your dog when you are at work or going on holiday?  Have you thought about daycare or boarding?

We have a limited number of spaces for both at Muddy Foote, and love to include your dog in our daily activities!  We offer a true home-from-home experience, and have beautiful local areas where they are exercised daily, and have full access at all times to our doggy-friendly garden.


What can we offer?

At Muddy Foote we do everything we can to make your dog's stay as comfortable as possible and do whatever we can to help them settle with us whilst you are away, and ensure they enjoy their holiday as much as you do!  We offer you and your dog the following:

- Their own freshly laundered crate and bedding, or you can bring their own

- Their own food, or they can eat our own home-made meat and vegetable mix that our own dogs enjoy

- Treats as per your instructions

- Fresh water and paddling pool available in summer with shade to keep cool

- Fully enclosed, safe and secure garden to play in as much as they wish during the day

- At least two good walks a day (or as per your requirements), and inclusion in any excursions such as the New 

   Forest or seaside trips

- Attend to any medical needs

- Continue with any training you may be providing.  (If you wish us to start any new training, we do charge extra)


We understand that leaving your dog for any length of time is worrying, and we like to keep you updated.  If you would like, we send regular pictures and messages of your pampered pooch enjoying his/her stay. 

Kennel-free Home Environment

It is a much nicer environment for your dog to not be locked in a kennel, and your dog will have full time company in our home.  They will have both human and doggy contact at all times, and our own dogs, Oaken & Luna are very welcoming!  Besides good company and lovely country walks, they are provided with toys, games and stimulation throughout the day.

Following your lead!

We follow your own instructions for your dog's care - if they stay on the lead for walkies, if they eat at a certain time, if they need medication, it will all be given as per their requirements and we won't deviate.  If you have a training programme that you are following, we are happy to continue with this. 


£25 per night

£30 for puppies/un-house-trained dogs

Doggy Daycare

Our doggy daycare services are much the same as our boarding.  We offer the same amount of love and care for our daytime guests as our boarders, and they receive the same walks, playtime and rest.

We can collect and deliver, or you can drop off and collect your furry friend on the way.


£15 per half day (4 hours)

£20 per full day (8 hours)

£25 per day (collect & deliver within a 5 mile radius)

£30 per day (over 8 hours or weekends and unhouse-trained dogs/puppies)

If you have any special time requirements, please don't hesitate to give us a call and discuss what you need.