We offer a range of puppy training options:

Puppy Home Visit
Puppy 1-to-1 Package

Take a look through and see which is more suitable for you, your family and your schedule

Puppy Home Visit

Our Puppy Home Visit is your first step towards a well trained dog!  It is suitable for the first time puppy owner, through to the experienced (but a bit rusty) dog owner.  The Home Visit has been designed to take place before or as soon as you bring your puppy home, and covers the following:

Home/Garden check - is your house and garden prepared for a new puppy?
Toilet training
Teaching Basic Commands
Do's & Don't's for you dog as he grows

Puppy Home Visits take about 2 hours, and are a fantastic start to you and your new puppy's life together!  We give you lots of tips and tricks to get your puppy off on the right path, from food, exercise, any equipment you may need and any individual advice you may require - even down to the best breed for you if you haven't decided yet.

Home visits are great for the children to get involved in.  We make them fun and entertaining for the whole family, and getting the kids involved with the first stages helps them to bond with their new best friend.  

The Puppy Home Visit is not designed to replace further full training, but will give you the knowledge you need to get through the initial difficult phases that don't need to be learned the hard way!

Cost: £60

Puppy 1-to-1 Package

Our 1-to-1 training is our most popular option.  In the comfort of your own home, and your puppy's local area we cover all the training necessary to give your puppy the best start.

Over 4 hourly training sessions we will cover the following:

Name recognition

Touch and communication
Basic Commands
Toilet training
Structured Play
Walking on/off lead
Good Manners
Basic care and wearing a harness
Individual issues

Although this is a package, we still provide an initial consultation session which allows us to understand a little more about you, your lifestyle, your pup and what you want to achieve from training.  The consultation is vitally important to ensure that you receive the correct training from us.

We provide you with practice sheets between lessons so that the whole family can easily follow the training, and also give our full telephone and email support should you have any struggles between sessions, and for the lifetime you spend with your dog.

At the end of your training, your pup with receive a Certificate of Achievement!  

Cost: £120

What to expect from any of our puppy training options

With any dog training, from puppy to senior, we are coaching you to train and maintain training for your dog throughout their lifetime.  We cannot wave a magic wand and give you the perfect puppy, and we never pretend that training is without hard work or commitment on your part, but we can give you the force-free training skills that you need to get the best out of your dog.